“Goodbye, You Old Bitch”

17 Oct 2014
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“Goodbye, You Old Bitch”

Goodbye, You Old Bitch
A Joan Ranger says farewell to his favorite icon

No one had a way with words quite like Joan Rivers. She mastered the art of the joke with unmatchable skill. She knew that anything from one too many adjectives or the key word being in the wrong place in a sentence could prevent a joke from landing. Whether watching her on TV on Fashion Police, online on In Bed With Joan, or onstage at the Laurie …

Joel and Mike 10.13.13

19 Apr 2014
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I had the honor and privilege of being hired to plan the wedding of my dear friends Joel and Mike. Joel also asked me to be in his wedding party, and this double role of planner and groomsman was one of my greatest challenges yet. I first met Joel several years ago when he was cast in the original production of my play The Boys Upstairs. Shortly thereafter I helped him get a job at Soho House as a …

Legal Love Blooms in Spring

02 Apr 2014
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John and Matt inspected their complimentary three-piece, earth-tone tweed suits, selected to provide just enough contrast to their groomsmen, in navy.  Then they helped each other with their monogrammed cufflinks. I lined them up, made sure all the various burgundy bow ties were aligned, and told them it was “showtime.” As I went to cue the musicians and make sure their dog, serving as ring bearer, was in place, I looked out at the eager crowd. It was a picturesque …


03 Dec 2013
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GettingGroomedLaunch-Visualanties 26IMG_7558It has been quite a while since my last blog post. For all the dedicated readers out there, I’m sorry for the delay! Getting Groomed officially arrived on November 5th, and the minutes leading up to that special moment and the whirlwind that followed have been some of the most exciting experiences of my entire life.

People keep asking me: “How does it feel?” This is my first book, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve learned in life …

Writing the Book for Gay Grooms

05 Nov 2013
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NY Press
by Angela Barbuti

Event planner Jason Mitchell penned the first ever planner for men marrying men

Jason Mitchell helps put the “gay” in engagement. At least that’s what he promises in his new book, Getting Groomed: The Ultimate Wedding Planner for Gay Grooms. The how-to guide definitely delivers by considering the differences and similarities to planning a gay wedding as opposed to a straight one. The beauty of it all, he explains, is the fact that traditions don’t …

Unexpected Gifts

13 Aug 2013
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Sometimes figuring out the right wedding present for a couple is a huge challenge. You might view their registry and find the one remaining ginger peeler feels impersonal. I know many feel giving cash or writing a check seems unemotional and businesslike. So what’s a good wedding guest to do?

Image 4

Just this weekend we claimed an unexpected gift that was given to us for our wedding, and it was amazing. We had received a gift certificate for a sommelier to …

Jason & Michael: May 27, 2012

05 Jul 2013
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THE VENUE: The Angel Orensanz Foundation for Contemporary Art

jasonmichaelWe knew we wanted to have our wedding in New York City, since it’s where we live together and where Michael grew up. On the night of our engagement, Michael said his only two requests were to have everything indoors and to have the ceremony and reception at the same place. During our search for a venue, we checked out several places in Manhattan, but when we saw the Angel Orensanz

The Art of Proposing

30 Apr 2013
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Just like the wedding you will plan, the act of getting engaged has no traditional rules. You and your partner will always want to be able to look back and remember it as special.  That is something different for every couple. Set the scene for an engagement that captures both of you.  To do this, I strongly recommend using the three “S’s.” I’m not attempting to make you lisp!  I’m referring to three basic qualities your proposal should include: Surprise, …

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