Getting Groomed will guide you through all the gender-neutral tasks (selecting a delicious menu is a necessity for all weddings) and the specifically gay aspects of wedding planning, such as deciding how to dress two grooms. I am here to tell you that you can have a simply fabulous night without all the unnecessary stress associated with planning a wedding.

“My sister already had the big wedding in the family.”

“My parents are uncomfortable and don’t know where they fit in.”

“All my best friends think a wedding is too heterosexual.”

Similar thoughts might be running through your head. You are not alone here. You can do this. And it’s going to be fabulous.

Getting Groomed will help you organize and define the choices that work for you; answer all of your questions; and guide you through a process that should be fun, not frenzied.  The opportunity to plan your wedding is exciting and fabulous. But it can easily turn from dream to nightmare if you let it overwhelm you.

Getting Groomed will keep you calm and focused. Couples often spend their engagements pleasing outside parties: parents, in-laws, and family expectations. Not your wedding! This event must be on your terms, and reflect who you and your partner are as a couple. This book is here to keep you in check, keep you organized, and to stop you from doubting your decision-making skills. All the choices you’ll need to make along the way have been streamlined and simplified. You and your partner will complete exercises to create and customize an event that suits the two of you. The checklists, folder, and timeline included in this book will keep the planning process simple, foolproof, and fabulous.

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