Joel and Mike 10.13.13

19 Apr 2014
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I had the honor and privilege of being hired to plan the wedding of my dear friends Joel and Mike. Joel also asked me to be in his wedding party, and this double role of planner and groomsman was one of my greatest challenges yet. I first met Joel several years ago when he was cast in the original production of my play The Boys Upstairs. Shortly thereafter I helped him get a job at Soho House as a …

Legal Love Blooms in Spring

02 Apr 2014
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John and Matt inspected their complimentary three-piece, earth-tone tweed suits, selected to provide just enough contrast to their groomsmen, in navy.  Then they helped each other with their monogrammed cufflinks. I lined them up, made sure all the various burgundy bow ties were aligned, and told them it was “showtime.” As I went to cue the musicians and make sure their dog, serving as ring bearer, was in place, I looked out at the eager crowd. It was a picturesque …

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