Ask Jason: I’m the only straight Groomsman

24 May 2013
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q“I’m very close to a buddy of mine at work who asked me to be one of his groomsmen, but I will be the only straight one. I’m very supportive of his upcoming marriage, but the plans for his bachelor party include some festivities I don’t feel comfortable attending. What do you suggest I do? - Felix, New Hope, PA

a“I suggest you let them know I’ll be filling in for you the night of the bachelor party! In all …

Ask Jason: Which side do I sit on?

24 May 2013
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q“Normally when I attend weddings I know which side to sit on for the ceremony- whether I’ve been invited as a friend of the bride or groom. I have my first gay wedding coming up. How do I know which side to sit on?” - Adelyn, Hoboken NJ

a“If you’re unsure when you arrive ask one of the ushers. You’re likely to find the couple hasn’t chosen to divide their seating by sides, as this tradition isn’t as popular at …

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