The Art of Proposing

30 Apr 2013
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Just like the wedding you will plan, the act of getting engaged has no traditional rules. You and your partner will always want to be able to look back and remember it as special.  That is something different for every couple. Set the scene for an engagement that captures both of you.  To do this, I strongly recommend using the three “S’s.” I’m not attempting to make you lisp!  I’m referring to three basic qualities your proposal should include: Surprise, …

Ask Jason: Where should I shop if the couple didn’t register?

14 Apr 2013
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q“Two gay friends of mine are engaged and their wedding is coming up soon. They aren’t registered anywhere. I don’t think the Tiffany’s platter is what they’ll want. Any suggestions for two young, handsome men? - Greta, West Village, NYC

a“It’s always tough when a couple doesn’t register, but I think it’s an opportunity for guests to be more creative. Rather than guess what the couple’s needs are for kitchen appliances or tastes are in serving pieces, opt for something …

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