The author thoroughly explains it all. I enjoyed the light-hearted friendly approach. It took the fear out of a big event."
There's no guessing when you should do something because the outline is so thoroughly thought out for you which is exactly what I wanted."
Whether you are looking to get married, or just dreaming, this book has everything you didn't even consider."
Our friends got a kick out the humor throughout the book and its practical advice for their wedding. It was a total hit at their engagement party."
I received this book as a gift before my (straight) wedding. It was so helpful!! It does a great job of outlining all of the elements of a wedding and helps guide you through which pieces are right for you. It's also very entertaining and full of heartfelt advice. I would recommend it to any couple planning a wedding!"
It keeps you organized, it keeps you on track, and it keeps you smiling!"
What I love most is it's a guide to having the wedding YOU want. It's not about a "by the book" wedding."
Got this for a gay couple....had to read it first. Full of great, concise information useful for ANY wedding! With an added bonus of humor! The couple loved it!"
If you're recently engaged do yourself a favor and pick up a copy... it's like having a funny and smart wedding planner by your side through every step of the wedding planning process."
Budgeting, creating new traditions where Hetero traditions just don't make sense and staying on track with the timeline of when things should be done, was very helpful."

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